How can I help you?


Some people come to me knowing that they want to try a particular technique, or they’ve had it in the past and want more, perhaps for a new problem this time.

Some people may have been recommended one of my techniques by their doctor or other healthcare professional, such as being told they need to learn to meditate to reduce their stress, or they need Alexander Technique lessons to help deal with the pain and stress of their chronic back pain.

Many people, though, will not know where to start to get help.

And that is perfect – I’m here to advise you on how my various ways of working can help you, and you can see whether that resonates with you. We can have a chat to see what your issue is, and we can take it from there. And if I don’t think I’m the right person, or have the right techniques for you, I will say that.

Drop me an email, and we can arrange to speak over the phone or Zoom if you’d like. Sessions with me take place in Cockermouth, a lovely little town in West Cumbria. 


I am here to be a safe container for you.

So much of what I do, in all my work, is create and hold a safe and nurturing space for you. A space where you’re not judged, but find acceptance and compassion instead.

A space where you can rest, release, and start to let go.

And that is the start of your healing, or your ‘wholing’ as I like to think of it.

Your body, mind and soul know what you need – and this work we do together is setting you on that path toward what you need.

I really look forward to meeting you. x