Self-care is a huge passion of mine.


It’s how I live my life, and how I love to work with my clients. All the work I do has arisen out of what I’ve learned, trained in and gathered together to help me survive, and thrive, in my own life.

My career started in chemical engineering, stepping sideways into scientific and technical publishing with my move to the UK when I married. When my daughter was born, I left the human resources project work I was doing to stay at home with her for a few years. During those years, I became divorced and my true calling began to present itself to me.

I undertook the 3-year full-time course to train as an Alexander Technique teacher in Kendal, Cumbria, and have practised as an Alexander teacher for over 14 years. I’ve practised Alexander Technique myself for over 27 years, and it has completely transformed my life. It gives me a way to look after my chronic low back pain and my whole physicality, coming back to greater ease and balance in my life, with so much more choice open to me.


Something was missing

A few years ago, following the death of my mother, I began to feel something was missing. Although I’m passionate about the power of the Alexander Technique, I needed to bring a more spiritual element into my work and my life. I found myself drawn to train as a meditation teacher at The Meditation Centre in Dent. Another choice that has completely transformed my life – I marvel at the way my daily meditation practice is changing everything.

I felt led to share my Reiki in my work, and then was deeply drawn to train in Sound Therapy. There’s been lots of following my intuition and inner voice in my career path… My sound therapy training was fascinating, completely intensive and nearly burned me out. After 18 months’ hard work, I passed with a Distinction, but the much greater learning for me was around the nearly breaking myself.


The magical mix

As a holistic therapist and teacher, I am nowhere near perfect myself. The best of us aren’t. We are always growing, learning our own lessons, and transmuting our pain and struggle into compassion and teaching for those who come to us. All of my troubles and trials, my mistakes and mess, my decisions and choices, are what make me into the magical mix I am right now. And of course, I continue to evolve and grow – not into someone new, but more into who I truly am. This unfolding will carry on for every day of my life.

This is what I’m passionate about helping my clients with: helping them to unfold their layers that bind them in pain and unhappiness. It might be back pain, chronic stress or anxiety. It might be grief, low self-esteem or insomnia. It might be low creativity, headaches or fear of not being loved.


I hold space for women to start to feel whole again,

teaching them and employing powerful and transformative techniques

that can become a part of their daily life.


Self-care tools that become a way of life…