Kathy Hick Self-care with Soul


Unlocking your stress, pain & stuckness

to create a life filled with choice & connection

Are you stressed all the time, stuck in your physical and emotional pain, feeling hopeless and like you have no choice?

Do you feel you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to help? You think you should be able to cope, but you’re stuck in loops of thought and behaviour that wear you down, and you just can’t see a way forward.

You’re trying so hard to keep everything going that you’re always at the bottom of your own list. Your self-care is virtually non-existent. You’re feeling blocked, unconnected and resistant.

You just want life to feel easy, in flow. You want some ease, some comfort, some grace. You want to feel like you have a choice, and want to feel empowered and more self-aware. You want to feel resonance, harmony, connection. You want to feel whole again.


I can help you.


I can help you let go the stuckness, the pain, the stress.

I can help you find flow, ease and resonance in your daily life, 

and I can teach you how to create it for yourself, on a daily basis.


How do I do this?


I’m a holistic therapist and teacher. 

I teach you techniques you can use to transform your life on a daily basis,


I support you with therapies which enable deep relaxation and which promote the body’s own self-healing process.


Guiding women back to wholeness & balance

in body, mind & soul

I’m Kathy Hick, and I’d love to help you become whole again.


Learn to still your body and your mind in meditation, reducing stress and cultivating happiness.

Find it easier to deal with the challenges of your daily life, and easier to respond choicefully rather than simply react. Boost your creativity and insight.

Let this be the year you begin to find your peace, using a simple, yet powerful, ancient yogic meditation technique.

Benefits: stress reduction; better health; more energy; feel happier; improved clarity, focus and concentration; enhanced creativity and intuition; spiritual connection

Sound Therapy

Use therapeutic sound – including gongs, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, frame drum and therapeutic percussion – to relax and encourage mindfulness, self-awareness and calming, which can encourage healing through stress relief.

The BAST method of sound therapy combines sound with a form of personal reflection and enquiry, and has been proven to be very effective at improving health and well-being.

Benefits: stress reduction, deep relaxation


Help your whole system rebalance its energies, and kick-start self-healing.

Feel deeply relaxed and calmed in your Reiki session, allowing your whole system to quiet down, and enabling new understanding and connections to surface.

Benefits: relaxation, stress reduction, calm, greater mental and emotional balance

Alexander Technique

Regain your innate good posture and poise, reducing back and neck pain while reducing stress – both physical and mental.

Restore the ease, grace and comfort of your own natural balanced movement, lost through many years of habit, stress and injury.

Build your self-awareness skills with Alexander Technique, rediscovering choice in how you move and in how you meet all the challenges of your daily life.

Benefits: pain reduction, stress reduction, greater ease, more choice